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thinks are moving
the last days changed a bot my point of view about the working with some people and there experimence of work.
anyways i keep  on changing some  parts of my gallery, some pictures are moving out some new will come, some other will reload with new title and permissons. at all its an endless move but i hope i can  create to the end of the year realy cool new stuff.

so see ya and dont forget
hug someone a day keeps sadness away ^^
*hugging u all*

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TixieLix Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave on my latest Link!
any time again ^^
thank u <3

btw how u made the colo about the yaoi 911 fan art?
tablet or mouse?
Cintiq 13 inch. Took me a year to realize I couldn't use the cintiq like a piece of paper. It was very frustrating. I would try to blend my colors with white like I did color was a mess.

The fan art was colored using the selection tool and an air brush painting tool (after I placed the flats of course). Most important thing I learned when coloring this way...know where your light source is right from the beginning.
wow that sound so awesome,
i will buy it after the rl stress part is over
and try to chlorate it in that way.
of course my prob with tablets are, that i cant see what i do and i am just the guy who must see what he does.
(cant whrite withaot watching on the keyboard ^^")

btw can u use it seperate from pc?
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Fang456 Jun 7, 2013  Student Artist
You just let an art thief fave your art, that art thief is :iconalerkina2:
Fang456 Jun 9, 2013  Student Artist
Alekrina2 steals other peoles art.
have u real stuff to show that? i mean sreenshots or stuff like that of course in that case u can go direktly to the stuff of da,
if not it can be an bad really bad joke or stuff like that.
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